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Archive date:  January 26, 2018

A Winter’s Whim

Do you have a laundry list of projects?

It’s winter.  I have a lot of projects to work on.  A lot of projects.  The problem is I don’t want to work on any of them.  I don’t want to even think about them.  It makes my head hurt. Okay, my head is probably hurting from the aftereffects of having the flu, but I still don’t want to think about all those projects.  However, I do still think about all those projects; that’s the problem.  I’m thinking about doing and not doing.  That creates conflict within…within my head.  Perhaps that is why it is hurting.

I have an extensive and ever-changing list of things to be done.  Sometimes it is so lengthy it feels like a laundry list of projects.  There’s just one thing.  I don’t think I have ever put together a laundry list.  I am a laundry doer.  I know how to sort, set the correct water temperature and wash setting.  I am able to get those now-clean clothes into the dryer and then successfully remove and fold, hang and put away.  Never once has it occurred to me to list laundry items to be done.  I don’t know anyone who has ever made out a list prior to doing laundry.  Apparently in the past, listings of seemingly randomly occurring tasks got negatively associated with the accounting for the actions associated with clothes cleaning.  My guess is that the laundry list reference is associated in some way with dry cleaners and their need to accurately account for every article of clothing.  Be that the case, it seems that such a list would need to be highly detailed; perhaps that is the source of my cranial discomfort.

I was once told, “ Truth suffers from too much analysis”.  I’ve been giving that statement a lot of thought…

I know there is nothing wrong with taking a break.  It is in fact necessary.  I will try to enjoy a slightly reduced pace and perhaps less structured. I might even do something unplanned… on a winter’s whim.

David Bates