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Archive date:  December 8, 2017

A Time for Planting

33% off EVERYTHING GROWING and EarthMix® PSC, Premium Soil Conditioner!

Obviously, early December is not usually held in high regard as “THE” time for planting.  It is however “A” time for planting.  While the holidays provide abundant distraction from the garden, it is an occasion for those, who choose to enjoy cool working conditions and saving money in the process. Perhaps it is time to consider alternative gifts for the holiday season.

I don’t know about you, but I struggle with making gift-giving decisions.  Although we all like nice surprises, I always appreciate specific information regarding those presents.  There is nothing worse than trying to appear happily surprised when you are processing negative emotions.  Even though he wasn’t referring to the bestowment of a well-meaning Christmas offering, the late, great Glen Frey said it best, “There ain’t no way to hide your lyin’ eyes…”

I suggest you avoid that situation altogether. There are gardening pretties you've had your eye on.  No matter if it is a single specimen topiary for a particular spot or an entire area of your recently renovated home, we have what you are looking for!  Don’t settle for cashmere when you could have topiaried-conifers. A china-serving bowl might be a gift you would use once or twice a year, but a stunning Japanese maple, you will enjoy every day. There are saving incentives by being a BatesRewards member!

Through the end of business on Thursday December 14th, you will receive 33% off of all plant purchases!  Just to make sure your landscape savings are complete, and your plants perform their best, we are also offering EarthMix® PSC, Premium Soil Conditioner for 33% off as well!  Even though the weather has cooled off considerably, these deals (and free hot coffee) will warm your heart preparing for Christmas, or any day!

The 33% off all plants also applies to poinsettias and all other tropical plants, along with living Christmas treesEVERYTHING GROWING is 33% off, along with EarthMix® PSC.  Take photos and bring them along, of your gardening areas(s) in question.

Happy Holidays,

David Bates