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Archive date:  December 1, 2017

92 Percent

Now 25% off EVERYTHING*!

2017 is nearing completion.  A quick check of the figures shows we have collectively worked through a staggering 92 percent of this year.  Where have I been?  Mentally, I’m still early October; December arrives Friday ready or not.  Apparently, I am not ready.

You would think the passing of Thanksgiving and the arrival of Christmas music would have given me a clue.  Logically, the arrival of the end of college football season should be a strong indicator as to the time of year.  The fact that nearly all trees are now devoid of foliage should tip me off.  I am going to blame it on the weather.

You see I believe, the weather has been so wonderful, I simply refuse to acknowledge the story the calendar is telling.  I have untold amounts of office work that I desperately need to attend to, but the weather is just too nice.  As I write this note, the early day showers are waning and my mind is wandering…outdoors.  The glorious sunshine has returned, and so too have I to my outside projects.

There is more bad news for my ‘inside’ projects: The weather looks spectacular!  Apart from rain next Tuesday, the remainder of the week, particularly this weekend, looks to feature copious sunshine with only a cloud or two.  Mild temperatures through Monday makes for positively premium, shirt sleeved savoring, wonderful weather.

Christmas shopping must wait; I need to dig in the dirt.  Just having the opportunity to have moist soil, not mud, in early December, is noteworthy.  If you need to dig in the dirt, we promise to make it worth your while.  We have extended our 25% off sale to include EVERYTHING*!  The asterisk does indicate a need to qualify what EVERYTHING* means: Discounts do not apply to gift cards or deliveries*.

EVERYTHING does include: wreathes, garland, poinsettias (while supplies last) as well as all bagged and bulk soils and mulches.  Of course it also includes all plants, trees, shrubs etc.…
Enjoy the outdoors…in December!  Let us help!

David Bates