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Archive date:  November 10, 2017

Fabulous Fall Forecast

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What a difference a year can make.  This time last year, we were in near-dustbowl conditions.  Dust is currently in scarce supply.  With many areas receiving over three inches of rainfall earlier this week, (some locations in Davidson county received over six inches of rain) it is safe to say that ground moisture is at an excellent state.  Over the past year, climatic data shows most locations in the metro area to be somewhere between 4 and 16 inches above normal average annual rainfall.  Current statewide drought monitor shows no counties in drought conditions. Contrast that to this time last year; a starkly different picture develops.

At this time last year 100 percent of the state was experiencing abnormally dry conditions.  Over 20 percent of the state was either in extreme or exceptional drought. This year only .22 percent (that’s less than a quarter of one percent) is abnormally dry. Here at the nursery, we have received over a third of our average annual rainfall in just two rain event days. The weather pendulum swings wide and fast; one extreme seems to follow another.

The extreme we will be dealing with for at least the next six days is: nice.  It will indeed be extremely nice for much of the coming week. The welcome return of ol’ Sol in the sky and drying conditions makes for a wonderful fall week for getting out and digging in the dirt.  No matter what your outdoor activity, conditions look fabulous.

Probably the best thing about gardening and yard-work at this time of year is temperature.  With the heat of summer long since passed, productivity rises and fatigue falls when working in flannel shirt conditions.  If you have brush or overgrown shrub removal to accomplish, this is the time.

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David Bates