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Archive date:  November 3, 2017

Clock Jumpers

Last Sunday of the fall season, all fall bulbs 25%off*…now accepting leaves for composting at Bates!

Clock jumping is a semi-annual ritual.  This weekend we resume ‘Standard’ time by returning (and turning our clocks back one hour) on Sunday morning at 2am.  Note: Do not cheat and set your clocks back before bedtime; it is important to negate the positive effects of the extra hour of potential sleep by interrupting your otherwise blissful slumber…

So why do we screw with our clocks? Since its conception and first use more than one hundred years ago, the ‘saving’ associated by time shifting has all but vanished.  As a proud member of the Morning Minority, I look forward to having daylight before 7am.  Actually, I can adjust to either time.  I could be perfectly happy staying on Daylight Saving Time year-round.  Morning darkness is preferable to clock jockeying from my perspective.  I say let’s pick a time and stay with it.

It is well known that the ‘energy saving’ benefit that DST provides is negligible, if it exists at all.  The primary reason is retail commerce.  People tend to be more active during daylight hours so we tend to go out, shop and dine more frequently when extra daylight is available in summer evenings.  Don’t we still do those things in the winter?  I’m jumping off the soapbox now…with my clock.

One thing I am sure of, your shrubbery cares not what the clock says.  Your shrubbery has little concern for the calendar either, for that matter.  Now that we have transitioned to November, many people believe their opportunity to plant has gotten past them.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The weather is a bit cooler and we are getting more rainfall. This is the perfect time to plant.  To that point, we have continued to roll in the trucks with the finest plants available anywhere.  Our selection is amazing.

If you haven’t gotten your fall bulbs yet, you’re in luck.  While supplies last, all flowering bulbs are now 25% off* for BatesRewards members. Come visit!

David Bates

*excluding paperwhite narcissus and amaryllis