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Archive date:  October 7, 2017

I Love October

Whatever you are looking for, we have!

There is no other month like it. For some people, there are some months more anticipated, but for me it's not even close. October is the most spectacular month of all. The temperatures are cooling. The humidity is noticeably lower. We seem to get a lot more "face time" with that big bright light in the sky. Blue skies and wispy clouds frame the picture perfect string of days that only October brings. I love October.

October makes work seem less work-like. October makes the outdoor activities exceedingly more productive and enjoyable. October brings the shower of brightly hued leaves falling from the trees. October makes dirt digging dandy, makes the cool season flowers shine, and makes for perfect conditions for over seeding our lawns. I love October.

April, no doubt, has a strong following.  I used to be an “April” guy, but no more. April is so 1970’s for me.  Don’t get me wrong, April is exciting with everything springing back to life, but October is where I am.  I wish October lasted 45 days; it seems to barely make 15.  October Is a month of serenity for me.  It is a month of peace and acceptance.  That is what I choose for it to be.  As imperfect as this world is, it is the best deal we have. I love October.

October is the time for gardeners.  It is the month where we put aside intentions and entrench ourselves into action.  For most things, October is the prime time for getting the most results out of our efforts.  I encourage you to actively enjoy what October brings; the days flitter by all-too-quickly.  My dad would frequently say, “ Make hay while the sun shines”.  I think he was talking about October.  I love October.

We’re here and at the ready to serve your needs. Bring your landscape situation to us and we’ll help you figure it out.  Photos on your phone, rough measurements, direction area faces, and notation of large trees or structures helps us visualize!

David Bates