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Archive date:  September 22, 2017


Now OPEN Sundays, Noon – 4p; FREE EarthMix® PTB extended!

My dear departed mother-in-law was a frequent user of rhetorical word repetition, also known as epizeuxis.  She often would lament the amount of bad news that was broadcast on television by proclaiming, “Killin’s, killin’s, killin’s, that’s all they talk about on the news”… It still makes me smile to think of her over-the-top way of expressing her distain for a program that she voluntarily watched every day.

My epizeuxis may be less dramatic, but is much more upbeat: Trees, Trees, Trees!  We have made a significant addition to our already unbelievable inventory.  We have received two truckloads of trees this week of unmatched quality and selection.  We have everything an aspiring arborist could ask for.  We have an extensive selection of fruiting trees and shrubs.  If you’re planning on pecans, we have plenty. Our inventory is also abundant in peaches, apples, cherries and much more.   We have ornamental trees galore; flowering cherries, dogwoods, and saucer magnolias to name a few.  Our shade tree selection is where we really shine!

If you are looking for maples, oaks, birches of many cultivars, we have quality trees from which to choose and the expertise to help you get the right tree, in the right place, the first time!  Of course that philosophy extends to our entire selection of flora.  We pride ourselves in helping you get the right things to make your unique landscape stand out.
Remember to bring along photographs on your smartphone or tablet.  That greatly helps us to gain valuable insight into your particular project. Our staff has over 200 years of combined horticultural experience.  We know how to grow, and we don’t want it to be a secret.  We want to share that experience with you!

We also wish to share something to add significantly to your new planting’s viability.  We are extending our FREE EarthMix® Premium Topsoil Blend in 20L bags for this first week of autumn!  For every $25 dollars you purchase in plants, you will receive a free bag (a $6.99 value)!  No Limit!

David Bates