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Archive date:  September 15, 2017

And the Sun Returns

Truckloads of plants arrive; BatesRewards members get FREE PTB with $25 plant purchase

It is quite an inviting sight.  Our nearest star has made itself known for the first time in several days. With the last vestiges of Irma now past, we resume weather that is more commonplace for this time of year.  The anxious weather days just behind us, now give way to warm and inviting sunshine.  I sure appreciate that.  Fall is definitely upon us, but a few days of something closer to Indian summer conditions certainly sounds appealing.

We’ve been 20 degrees below average temperature-wise.  And while I have somewhat enjoyed breaking out the long pants and sleeves for a few days, I’m not ready to give up the shorts and sandals just yet.  That will come soon enough. We’re still a week away from the official ushering-in of my favorite season.  Autumn generally means cooler and drier conditions; I don’t know about you, but I am definitely ready for things to dry out a bit.

That feeling is shared throughout the south.  Two hurricanes in three weeks have made life miserable for multitudes of people.  While we didn’t get through both totally unscathed, comparatively we got off easy.  I can’t imagine anyone not having at least one friend or family member that is now facing post-storm difficulties. Whatever problems I think I have in life have been put into prospective.

One thing is certain: Conditions for planting are now perfect; sunshine and soil moisture a-plenty. We have been unloading plants in the nonstop drizzle…non-stop.  Our selection of plant material is incredible.  From the colorful conifers of Iseli Nursery, to majestic hydrangeas and much more from Monrovia, our lot has swelled with all the incredible selection you expect to find at Bates.

We have a special offering for our BatesRewards members this week.  Through the last full day of summer (Thursday September 21st), BatesRewards members will receive one free bag of EarthMix® Premium Topsoil Blend ($6.99 value) for every $25 of plants purchased, before tax.  No Limit!

The sun is shining!

David Bates