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Archive date:  September 8, 2017

Thank You

End of Summer Tree Blowout! 50% off specially marked trees; bagged PTB

Two words.  Two words say it all, yet seem woefully inadequate.  To the thirty-plus volunteers who showed up Friday and Saturday to assist in the cleanup, to the others who additionally showed up on Sunday and Monday to help, only to find out we had completed the project…thank you!  For the scores of others who sent well wishes our way via phone, email, and social media, we appreciate your thoughtfulness and concern in our time of trauma. Going through a disruptive life event, such as a flood is painful, but the outpouring of love and concern is both humbling and beautiful.  It is an amazing contrast of emotions.

I would be remiss if I failed to point out that not only did the volunteer efforts provide us the opportunity to re-open with minimal business disruption, it also provided the employees of Bates Nursery & Garden Center, a chance to have and enjoy their holiday weekend. They all work extremely hard and they each deserved to have that.  I owe you a ‘BIG’ thank you for that!

The calendar says summer, but there is autumn in the air! Since our tree sale last weekend got disrupted, we are going to again feature trees, and what you need to plant them with.  On the gravel tree lot, directly behind the perennial area/on the north end of our two large Quonset hut structures, you will find a large selection of specially marked trees…all 50% off, while supplies last; phone orders not available for specially marked trees!  Additionally, we are offering EarthMix® Premium Topsoil Blend in the 20L bag for 50% off as well.  Huge savings on shade, ornamental and fruiting trees… and what you need to plant them with to insure success! Sale ends Wednesday September 13, 2017…don’t delay!

Truckloads of plants are already arriving as we continue our never-ending pursuit of horticultural nirvana…just for you!  Take photos of your area(s) of concern and bring them along.

BON voting ends FRIDAY; click here to vote for Bates!

David Bates