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Archive date:  August 25, 2017

Being in the Moment

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It came and it went.  Quickly. The Great American Eclipse of 2017 was everything I could have hoped for.  There was no disappointment detected.  There were no shouts of “Over-hyped”.  There was: two minutes and nine seconds of silent sublime stellar seduction. I was awe-struck.  I am still in awe.  I believe I always will be.

The eighty or so that gathered here at the nursery gave the experience a depth it would have otherwise lacked. The eclipse would have been really good alone; having the opportunity to share this momentous event with others made it a jaw dropping, paradigm-shifting, life-changing experience.  If only we could have slowed time down for just a few minutes.

I squeezed every bit of stimuli out I possibly could have.  I completely absorbed the nuances of the rapidly changing spectacle.  Star athletes, performing at their peak, are said to be ‘in the zone’.   I have never been accused of being a star athlete, but I was definitely in the zone Monday afternoon at 1:27pm.  I have re-played those brief moments, time and again in my head.  For perhaps the first time in my life, I was truly in the moment.  I had no thoughts beyond what lay in front of me.  For me, no distractions were possible.  I had, for a few brief moments, a pinpoint, laser light attention-snaring fixation.  After 53 years of waiting, I indeed got my wish!

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The end of August weather couldn’t be better; come out and enjoy…

David Bates

For those so inclined, I would welcome images you have of the eclipse!