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Archive date:  August 4, 2017

53 Years

Summer of ’17 Sensational Sale continues!

The hype and hoopla surrounding the celestial event of our lifetime is rapidly building.  In the unlikely event you have no idea as to what I am referring, the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017 is quickly approaching.  While that may be new news for you, I have been looking forward to the event for more than 53 years.

As a second-grader in Mrs. Niefer’s class at Alex Green Elementary School, I was a voracious reader.  I was (and still am) particularly fond of all things science.  We had watched a 16mm projected movie in our classroom, which showed a scene of a solar eclipse.  I was enthralled.  Before that moment, I never knew of such happenings. At my first opportunity, I went to the library to find out more about my newfound interest.  I looked up ‘Eclipse’ in the Encyclopedia Britannicaand got more information than I believed possible.

I found a chart of eclipses that would be occurring over the next century.  This chart also showed, for each eclipse, major cities each event would pass directly over.  I could not believe my eyes when I saw that my hometown, Nashville, Tennessee, would have a front-row seat in August of 2017!  Of course, I quickly began the math to calculate what my age would be.  Once I realized I would be 61 years old, my first thought was, “That is so old!”  Fortunately, actually being 61 doesn’t feel as old as it appeared to be all those years ago.

It is safe to say, I have had a bit of time to prepare. I have purchased several sets of viewing glasses.  I have a good location for viewing.  I already work outdoors.  I’m hoping that a few gardeners/astronomical aficionados will want to share this event with all of us here at Bates.  If you have interest, email Anne and let us know!

An awesome August arrival makes for great gardening.  We are extending our 25% off EVERYTHING* sale for another week!

David Bates

*sale excludes: gift cards, special orders or deliveries