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Archive date:  July 21, 2017

Deep Thinker

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I am a deep thinker.  I at least fancy myself as a deep thinker.  I think a lot.  I ponder the great mysteries of life.  I delve into areas of reflective, as well as forecastive introspect, where others dare not venture.  Deep. Very deep.  Deeper still.
I don’t watch the news.  I make up my own.  It’s hot today, but you know that already.  That has been a headline on my own personal newscast all day today. According to sources wishing to remain anonymous, it will likely be hot again tomorrow.  BREAKING NEWS: This just in, it is the middle of July.

I have just now realized that I am not a deep thinker.  What I am is an extremely thorough shallowthinker.  I absolutely think the obvious to death.  Other times I simply take a nap.  Naps are the highest form of meditation.  I am really into meditation.  I don’t really get tired, but sometimes I really need to meditate for about 20 minutes; especially just after lunch.
Occasionally, I take a break from all this thought.  I do think about taking a break from it. Usually, I get distracted by another news story in my head, and then completely forget about whatever it was that I was trying to not think about.  Best I remember, anyway.

Before the channel surfing in my brain resumes, I need to say that even though it has been reported that it is hot, there is still an apparent good reason to get out and wade through the moisture-laden atmosphere.  That reason is a sale.  This is the sale you would choose for yourself, if you could do that.  I know it is true: I just heard it on the news. EVERYTHING IS 25% OFF! * Everything*excepting the asterisk, which excludes deliveries, gift cards and special orders.  It also cannot be used with any other promotion. Iced bottled water is also an exception…because it is FREE!  Hurry out, grab an umbrella for shade and come see us! 25% off EVERYTHING* ends July 27th!