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Archive date:  June 30, 2017

A Fifth Off for the Fourth

BatesRewards members get 20% off all plants*; if it’s growing, it’s on sale!

It's official now; summer has arrived! To be sure, each seasonal change brings its own challenges and rewards. The ‘monsoon’ forecast for last week failed to materialize (fortunately). What we have received instead is a string of delightful days; that has made being indoors downright difficult.

So, it would appear we are again experiencing a kind weather pattern.  We gardeners are grateful for that. It seems as though we have a few hot and dry days, then we have a few cooler days with rainfall.  That is the kind of weather that really keeps things growing!  It likely is keeping other things that you wish wouldn’t grow, going as well.  Weeds will grow in any conditions, but they currently are growing...well, like weeds!  If you can get your weed pulling scheduled to just after a soaking rain, you will meet much less resistance when pulling.  It’s hard enough work as it is; no need to make it harder.

It always feels a little clumsy when holidays fall in midweek. Technically Tuesday is not midweek, but it's not the beginning of the week, nor is it the end of the week. It's a holiday that is squeezed in between two other weekdays. Don't get me wrong; it's kind of nice to have a break during the week. It's just that it would be so much nicer if it were at the beginning, or the end of the week.

Lamentations aside, it occurs to me we should do a little celebrating. Beginning Friday morning at 8 AM, we will be offering BatesRewards members everything growing at 20% off! Our, " A Fifth Off for the Fourth" sale offers you our entire selection of plants*; everything from trees to shrubs to groundcovers are 20% off. " A Fifth Off for the Fourth" sale ends July 6th.

We will be closed July 4th in observance of Independence Day.

David Bates

*Discount good for all plant items in-stock; may not be combined with any other discount.