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Archive date:  June 3, 2017

Hello June!

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Can you believe it? Seems like only yesterday that it was May.  In the event you are reading this on Thursday, that is because it was, in fact, May yesterday. At least it was the last day of May.  Let’s not dwell on the past.  Let us be present in the here and now, ever looking forward.  What we have to look forward to, among other things, is summer.  In only 20 days (or less) summer will return.  The days will then begin to get shorter.  It does take a while for that to become apparent.

What has become most apparent to me is how early daylight begins. I am a very early riser.  Even so, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for me to get up before there is any sign of daylight.  It is not necessarily my goal to venture towards work in darkness, but I am accustomed to it.  Perhaps it is just me, but I find myself visualizing the earth traveling around the sun with our north pole seemingly pointing almost directly at the sun, as I drive to the nursery.  I guess most people just drink coffee to awaken.

Be that as it may, please know we remain ever-vigilant plant procurers.  You would have to get up pretty early in the morning to find someone who is more plant-centric than me.  As I have mentioned previously, I get up pretty early… every day.  So sleep in, and rest assured, we have got the plant thing covered for you.  Boy-howdy do-we.  It is typical at this time of year for seasonal plant sellers to become a bit thin in their inventory.  Others shut down altogether.  We are year-round.  We continue to have an incredible array and assortment of everything for your garden. 

Trees.  Shrubs. Groundcovers. Ornamental Grasses. Fruiting plants. Perennials. Annuals. Vegetable Plants. Tropicals. Topiaries. Soils. Mulches. Amendments. Expertise.  One more very important ingredient: Free Iced bottled water while you shop!

We’re here to help,

David Bates