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Archive date:  May 11, 2017

Plant Sex and Gardening Suggestions

Rowena Aldridge talks pollinators and their many benefits Saturday!

I think it’s time we had a little talk. I have been thinking about discussing this with you for some time.  I just feel a little awkward.  Even though we’re both adults, it somehow still seems a little uncomfortable. You see, there’s a mommy and then there’s a daddy.  When their genetic material makes contact with each other, something wonderful happens. Not surprisingly, when this contact occurs, it often proves to be a seedy relationship.  That is actually the point: seeds.

Since we’re big people now, we won’t refer to these as “Mommy” flowers or “Daddy” flowers.  Many flower producing plants that have both pistillate (female) and staminate (male) flowers (we call those monoecious).  These occur on the same plant.  Other plants have one or the other; they are either female or male. These plants are botanically referred to as dioecious.  Here is the hard to discuss information: male dioecious plants produce no seed.  Perhaps I have raised more questions than answered…

Even if you are well versed on the birds and the bees, you likely have more questions.  Perhaps that information should not come directly from me.  We are fortunate to have a wonderful friend that has a wealth of knowledge regarding plant sex…also known as pollination.

This Saturday, May 13th, Rowena Aldridge will be speaking on:

"Pollinators 101: How Your Garden Can Make a Big Difference"

Did you know insects and/or birds pollinate 85% of the world’s flowering plants –including 2/3s of the world’s food crops?  Many of these pollinators are increasingly endangered by habitat loss. Rowena will give you easy ideas to create a pollinator-friendly garden.  She'll have suggestions on plant and flower selections for attracting them and good horticultural practices for keeping them healthy.

Sessions are here at Bates Nursery & Garden Center at 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.  Sessions are free, but space is limited.  Reserve your seat by signing up at the register, by calling us at 615-876-1014 or by email: bates.nursery@icloud.com

I’m glad we’re having this talk!

David Bates