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Archive date:  April 27, 2017

The Good Samaritan

Time to pull out your pansies and plant summer annuals!

Time to pull out your pansies and plant summer annuals!

Springtime is a busy time for us.  That comes as no surprise.  In the hustle and bustle of spring, we can be guilty of occasionally forgetting to ‘stop and smell the roses’.  That sweet fragrance is not exclusively an olfactory sensation.

An elderly gentleman was at the checkout a few days back.  Upon receiving his total, eighty dollars and change, he realized he did not have his billfold. He checked all his pockets for cash: nothing. There was a line behind him.  We’ve all been there, both as the soul scratching for cash, and as someone wanting the line to proceed more quickly. Our clerk assured him that he could push his cart to the side and that we would be glad to watch it while he went and got his billfold.  That's when something amazing happened.

A guest, from further back in the line, very discreetly asked our clerk to put his total on her ticket; that would allow him to leave with his shopping selections.  As you might expect, the gentleman was extremely appreciative.  He asked for her information, as he wished to repay the Good Samaritan.  She gave it reluctantly, but insisted that she was not looking for repayment. 

I have been told by persons of great wisdom, “Do something nice for someone every day, but don’t tell anyone about it”.  That is easy to say, much more difficult to practice. The sweet rose of a lady obviously understands that message. I wouldn’t dare spoil it for her by revealing her identity.

As sweet as your pansies may look and smell, it is time for them to go.  Heartbreaking as it is.  I can offer you this: If you find you simply can’t ‘pull and pitch’, we will freely supply you with as many 1 gallon-sized nursery containers as you need to transplant your pansies into, and keep for a few more weeks.  They also make great gifts for sharing with your gardening friends.

Our selection of annuals is incredible; don’t delay!

David Bates