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Archive date:  April 20, 2017

April Showers

Radio news legend Buddy Sadler joins “The At Home Show” this Saturday 7-9a

There can be no mistaking this fact: we all want the month of May to bring flowers.  The price we must pay for this is: April Showers.  Probably neither of us is overly excited with the forecasted rain this weekend.  Being outdoors is more fun when it is 80 degrees and sunshine.  But we do want May flowers.  I guess that is why we have raingear and umbrellas. The calendar says April.  Rain will arrive.

How much and exactly when remains to be seen, but it doesn’t look to be severe at this point.  There is a pretty high chance that it may indeed be too wet to plant Friday or Saturday.  That doesn’t mean it will be too wet to procure.  The weather outlook for the first of next week looks outstanding; sunshine and seventies!  If coming back out next week throws a wrench in the works for you, not to worry... 

Don your polyurethane poncho; your neoprene knickers and Gore-Tex® galoshes and come on out. You might want to bring an umbrella also.  As long as the weather isn't severe, we’ll be glad to help you figure out your plants to take with you, or to come back and pick up later.  If the forecast holds true, we are in the area where less rain is expected, so even if it is a deluge at your house, it may not be here.  Check out the Official Bates Nursery Weather Station by clicking here. Scroll down the page to check out the amount of rain received, as well as the precipitation rate and wind.

I would love to have you ‘tune-in’ this Saturday morning to “The At Home Show with Josh Cary and David Bates”.  Josh and I are thrilled to have a Nashville broadcast legend, Buddy Sadler on air with us for two full hours.  We are now on 650 AM WSM.  If you’re at home it may be easier to Listen Live online.  Give us a call: 615-737-9650!

April showers!

David Bates