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Archive date:  March 2, 2017

Seesaw Season

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It is decidedly seesaw season. The weather seems to be ever changing. The turbulence associated with the transition from winter to spring can be dicey.  We all got a front row seat to that yesterday morning.  Yesterday at the nursery, 6 am the temperature was 70.5°; this morning it was 29.5°.  Seesaw.  Today at 7:06 am the winds were calm; yesterday at the same time we had 40mph wind gust as the cold front moved through.  Seesaw. 

The National Phenology Network (their goal is to facilitate collection and dissemination of data on the timing of life cycle events of plants and animals) says that we are about three weeks early on the arrival of spring.  Their data shows that trees and shrubs are well advanced from the normal state at this time of year.  Duh! We all agree with their conclusions.  So does that mean you can plant tomatoes now? No.  Remember, it’s seesaw season.

Does it also mean it is too soon to plant trees, shrubs and cool season vegetables? No. Those plants are well equipped to deal with frosty nights as well as warm days. Does it mean that when planting early, you need to be prepared to provide a bit of protection for those plants that may already be a bit tender with new growth? Possibly. Frost won’t kill trees and shrubs, but it can burn new growth.  Having that happen can be frustrating, but it’s not lethal. 

Cool season plants such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale are ready now for planting.  Companion plants like pansies and violas are ready as well.  Remember:  if you want to get the best results, you need to do a bit of soil preparation.  More and more folks every season are gaining the understanding of the many benefits of organic growing.  We have everything to help you get your soil preparation done right.  Whether you need mushroom compost or earthworm castings, we have that, and much more in bulk or bag!

Weather looks great, sensational sunshine Saturday!

David Bates