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Archive date:  February 23, 2017

The Awakening

As spring-like weather arrives, so do longer business hours, starting next week!

I don’t know if spring is here or not, but winter certainly seems scarce these days.  Everywhere you look, something is blooming.  Okame cherries, Saucer magnolias and forsythia are either approaching full flower or are already in full bloom.  Saucer magnolias are already shedding flower petals in many locations. It’s hard to believe that it is February 23; seems much closer to March 23. 

The fever pitch of many avid gardeners is quickly building.  Everyone seems ready to dig in the dirt.  That feeling is justified for many projects in the landscape, but not all.  It is indeed way too early to plant tomatoes or other warm season veggies (remember to look at the calendar, not the thermometer); we will have cool season vegetables available next week.  The time is near for Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Kale and more.

The timing is perfect for trimming, mulching and planting.  If you have large beds of groundcovers, it is the time to get your lawnmower (or string trimmer) and ‘mow’ those large areas of vegetative cover.  It is far quicker than using shears.  I prefer using a mower with a bagger.  Simply sharpen your blade, set the wheels to the highest setting and mow away.  The bagger will collect all clippings as you go. Check out this video I made a few years ago, where I demonstrate, mowing my monkey grass.

Take a few minutes to remove any early weeds that may have already sprouted.  This is also the time to apply pre-emergent herbicide to your shrub/groundcover beds, if that’s in your plan. Using a hand-held broadcast spreader, you can quickly cover the area.  Make sure to do the application when the foliage of the plants is dry. This is important so that you can take a broom or a leaf rake and gently sweep the tops of the plants to dislodge particles hanging in the leaves and prevent any damage that might occur to the foliage.

Beginning Monday February 27, hours: 8a-5p Monday – Saturday!

David Bates