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Archive date:  February 9, 2017

We’re Back!

‘The At Home Show’ returns this Saturday, 7am on 650 AM WSM…

Sometime in the winter of 1995, I first met Josh Cary.  He came on as an ‘expert’ for “The Fix-it Crew” on “Weekend Lifestyles” radio show, hosted by Norman Daniels. I had arrived to the program about a month earlier, also as an alleged ‘expert’. 

The show was broadcast from studios located on the property of the Opryland Hotel.  That show’s run with Josh and me participating lasted for about 18 months. Then the show got canned.  It had been fun, but the unexpected exit was a bummer.  Brief as it was, it proved to be a quite worthwhile experience.  My sideline career in radio was cut tragically short.

In December of 1997 I was attending an Oilers tailgate party at the then, Rio Bravo Restaurant on West End.  The games were played that year at Vanderbilt Stadium.  Lo and behold, I ran into Josh Cary.  We commiserated for several minutes about our old radio gig, and that we had each run into Chris Kulick, the Sales Director of the previous radio station at that time.  Long story short, he asked if we would have interest in doing our own show, just Josh and me. Timing in life is everything.  We said yes.  Fortunately for us, the station did not have a Program Director. Chris believed we had a show that would create a good opportunity to sell advertising, he simply acted as the Program Director, and nobody questioned it…for over 18 years!

The radio biz, being what it is, tends to always remain in a state of flux.  People and stations change…often without notice.  For several years now, Chris Kulick has been the General Manager of 650 AM WSM.  He is actually in the position to make all programming and sales decisions. If you have interest in being an advertising partner on our show, simply drop him an email by clicking this link.

Call Josh and me this Saturday 7-9a on the new home of ‘The At Home Show’, 650 AM WSM:   615-737-9650

David Bates