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Archive date:  January 26, 2017

Traveling At The Speed of Life

January is almost over; we continue making preparations for spring

This is the time of year where you might believe things to be leisurely at Bates Nursery.  Decidedly non-frantic perhaps, but definitely not leisurely, deliberate is the adjective that best describes the pace.  If you drive past, we may appear to be out of business.  There are few signs of activity and even fewer evidences of flora… at least at 40 miles per hour.  Despite all visual evidence, we are indeed traveling at the speed of life.  This time of year does afford us the opportunity to reduce that speed somewhat, but we do not stop; spring is coming and we’re doing our best to be ready for your next visit!

In her never-ending pursuit of plant-plethora, Julie Patterson is constantly scouring our supplier’s inventories.  The vast array that will soon arrive, all does so at her beckon and call.  Google’s got nothing on Julie.  A soothsayer of all things horticultural, she’s got everything lined up and ready to roll, in just a few weeks.

Paula Crawford, Meagan Carlson, and Debbie Scales and been unpacking, tagging, and displaying all of the many items related to plants, but not plants.  They have handled everything from pottery, tools, garden seeds, organic fertilizers and earth-friendly chemicals to help make your gardening efforts productive and safe. 

Adam Chapman is always at the ready to advise and counsel on any landscape situation, be it now or spring.  Shane Burton and Adam Burton (yes, they are brothers) are also available for their landscape acumen, but are both primarily engaged with our EarthMix® Garden Products bagging process at this time of year.

Sara Bates is the force behind our social media endeavors.  Sara does a great job at putting forth, compelling content on our primary social accounts, both on Facebook and Twitter.  She is likely to be a familiar face at front checkout, as well as the first voice you hear; she does her share of phone duty as well.

Bella (our dog) is resting up for many visitors!

David Bates