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Archive date:  January 19, 2017

Under the Weather

The At Home Show with Josh Cary & David Bates returns February 11!

I have been under the weather for the last few days.  Automatically, you perceive that I have not been feeling well.  You did not form a mental image of me standing out in the pouring rain.  I did not have to put “quotes” around the phrase for you to understand it, although I probably should have.  An idiomatic expression is an expression, word, or phrase that has a figurative meaning understood by locals or natives. This meaning is different from the literal meaning of the idiom's individual pieces or parts. Idioms don't mean exactly what the words say.  This is not to be confused with an idiotic expression, to which I am certainly probably nearly more likely to make. I think I just did.  I am feeling better, thank you!

From February 2, 1998 until June 11, 2016, Josh Cary and I did a weekly radio show from 7 – 9am on Saturday mornings.  Over those 959 consecutive weeks that we broadcast, a lot of information was covered; at least some of it, accurately.  Now don’t get me wrong, we did try to give correct answers.  We simply chose to not be limited by the truth or actual facts.  Even though our “Heavy Metal Home Improvement” moniker suggests our program had a bit of an edge to it, and it did, we covered a plethora of ancillary issues in a lively call-in format.  We always strived for enjoyable information, infotainment, if you like.  Josh and I were simply sheepherders to our wonderful guests.  The callers are what made the show.

For what might be described as a momentary lapse of reasoning, the wonderful folks at 650WSM-AM have asked us to join their radio family.  Josh and I could not be more excited!  Please tune in, beginning Saturday February 11, 2017 from 7-9am.  The At Home Show with Josh Cary & David Bates on 650WSM. What will happen when “Heavy Metal Home Improvement” airs on the “Most Famous Country Music Station in the World”???

David Bates