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Archive date:  January 12, 2017

From Cold to Comfortable

An incredible turn of weather events…

Even if you’re too poor to pay attention, you probably have noticed the dramatic weather change that has occurred over the past week.  This time last week we were facing weather forecasts predicting low temperatures in the teens; it actually got into the single digits over many locations with wind chills around 10 below 0.  Today it is 73 degrees with winds out of the south making it feel like…73 degrees!  Shorts and short-sleeved shirts are totally appropriate.  It is hard to believe the layers of thermal clothing needed last Saturday. The weather has definitely demonstrated its ability to swing from cold to comfortable.

It is a common remark we hear this time of year, “You look like you’re out of business”.   That is intentional.  It is through the necessity of winter protection for our plants (they are on top of the ground, not yet planted into the earth) that requires us to move all broadleaf plants indoors for a couple of months.  I will admit to being mildly disconcerted with respect to the 2.7-degree low temperature we had last Sunday morning. Fortunately, the frigid conditions were short-lived.  Any damage your plants might have received should be minimal, if any at all.

Just as significant as temperature change is plenteous precipitation.  We have emerged from the drought conditions from a couple of months ago quite well.  While we might not be ‘officially’ out, we are well on our way.  Current forecasts indicate a chance of rain almost daily for the next 10 days.  That is good news for our landscapes and for ground water levels.  To be sure, it does make things a bit muddy, but I personally prefer liquid precipitation over frozen. 

Despite the fact that we may appear to be out of business, we are not.  In fact, we just received an entire load of the best plants on the planet from Monrovia.  We invite you to take advantage of the mild temperatures and get that landscape issue you have been avoiding completed, hours: Mon-Fri 8a-4p!

David Bates