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Archive date:  December 16, 2016

Roller Coaster

50% off deciduous trees*, perennials** bulbs and all tropicals…plus Buck-a-Gallon***!

Cold today and tonight.  Milder tomorrow with rain developing in the evening.  Much warmer Saturday with more rain. Sunday rain ends, possibly as frozen precipitation and temperatures once again plunge before moderating mid-week.  It would appear we are in a roller coaster weather pattern as we rapidly approach the Christmas holiday. 

It is not exactly the weather I would have requested.  It matters not whether the weather suits my personal wants. We get the weather we get. That is really profound: We get the weather we get. Regardless of my meteorological preference, we get the weather we get. But we’re having a huge sale!  We get the weather we get. But what about all of the tree people and the perennial planters and bulb enthusiasts and tropical plant aficionados, not to mention those, whose inherent frugality instinctively, perhaps divinely, exudes upon them a proclivity towards exceedingly low priced, but comparatively high value shrubbery? We get the weather we get…even if I pitch a fit.

While the timing, weather-wise, might not be preferred, it is the time we have!  All deciduous trees (excluding Japanese maples and crape myrtles) are on sale at 50% off (in case you don’t know, deciduous means they drop their leaves when dormant).  We have five racks of perennials near the front checkout area , they are all 50% off.  We have flower bulbs and all tropicals (located inside where it’s warm and dry) also 50% off.  Last, but certainly not least, we have a collection of assorted plants that are still very much alive, just not in their prime…Buck–a–Gallon***!  That’s right everything in the specially marked area is only $1 per gallon container.  One gallon plants will be $1; a 5 gallon plant will be $5 and so on…

Our last day of business for 2016 is Friday December 23!

David Bates

*Excluding Japanese maples & crape myrtles

**Limited to perennials on racks located at front of garden center

***Buck-a-Gallon items are specially marked and grouped together on back of tree lot