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Archive date:  December 8, 2016


40% off all deciduous trees*, perennials*, and EarthMix® PSC!

It is hard to believe that only three weeks ago we were having temperatures in the eighties!  Now that the seasonal change has occurred, most of us have shifted towards thoughts of sugarplums and such. I can’t blame you; ‘IT’ is just around the corner.  It is much easier getting into the holiday spirit when it seems like winter. (side note: Must be dreadfully hot for Santa in that red fur-lined suit in the southern hemisphere. I have always thought they should have Christmas in July out of consideration for J. O. St. Nick.)

It may be chilly, but it’s time for a sale.  It may seem to you that this is not a good time.  I am already hearing the questions: “But won’t the plants freeze and be damaged?”  The answers are yes, and no, respectively.  Yes they will freeze.  Given that the knowledge has gotten out about the freezing point of water being 32 degrees, it is true that the water in the root ball/container will indeed freeze. That in of itself does not present an issue for deciduous trees or perennials.  The soil temperature in the container would need to fall to at least 17 degrees. That means the air temperature would need to be at that temperature, or below for many hours before that could be achieved.  We are nowhere close to that yet.

Since you’re planting in the soil in your yard, an amazing amount of thermal protection is provided by the soil itself.  Ok, I hear the next question, “But the dirt in my yard freezes, I won’t be able to dig through it.”  Of course you can.  It is called elbow grease.  The frozen stuff will only be, at most, the top inch of soil; probably much less than that!

All deciduous trees*, excluding Japanese maples and crape myrtle are now 40% off.  Selected perennials* (on racks near front entrance) are also 40% off along with PSC!

David Bates