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Archive date:  November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving Ends, Green Friday Begins

If it is green and growing, it’s 25% off!

As we continue to enjoy the wonder of late autumn, we want to keep your focus on the garden and landscape and encourage you to make the turn to the holidays …and save.  There are great opportunities for gardening in the weeks ahead and we want to help you make your landscape its best, before winter holidays arrive.

Digging in the dirt comes with less sweat equity (and with almost no sweat) this time of year.  Now, since daylight saving time has ended, you might consider checking out your night-lights.  The short day length does make for some adjustment when gardening.  Either you have to become a morning person and utilize the morning availability of sunlight or do a work-around. 

A portable set of LED lights with a 50 to 100’ extension cord works well to extend the day.  Depending on what you get, those can be had for $20 to $50 at the box stores.  They’re worth the money for all outdoor projects that would otherwise get stopped by darkness.  Besides, if you’re not a morning person already, it’s kinda hard to become one (at least that’s what I hear).

So get prepared for gardening by the luminance of your choice.  I use two 18V DeWalt Fluorescent battery powered lights, bungee strapped to the front of my mower to bag my leaves.  Sure, I get some strange looks from my neighbors out walking their dogs, but it works.  A battery powered headlamp works well also.

Now let’s discuss Green Friday.  We have a great selection of everything for your home landscape. We begin our Green Friday savings by offering you our BatesRewards members 25% off everything that is growing.  25% discount on every growing thing we offer: all trees, shrubs, groundcovers, fall flower bulbs, and poinsettias…all plants are on sale at 25% off, across-the-board.  Come on in.  Make your selections …and save, remember, it's Green Friday season at Bates, sale ends December 1, 2016!

Come on in and load up on savings,

David Bates