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Archive date:  November 17, 2016

The Cycle of Life

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Life begins and life ends.  That is true for all living organisms.  Be it squid, shrub or saint, all living things have a definitive beginning and end.  For living things to thrive and maximize their lifespan, proper nutrition and care are a must.   We care for the lives around us based on priority.  I believe pets are at the top of that list.  You can make a strong case for children, but even the children would put pets at the top. 

Pets are the easy choice because they are equal parts sweet and needy.  Pets are also natural born con artists.  They have adapted to take advantage of our superior intellect by way of our gullibility.  They give us that look.  Bella, the most highly regarded nursery mutt in the metro area, has a bag of tricks to woo you out of a treat.  Please note: We ask that you refrain from bringing her treats; she will tell you a different tale.  She will tell you she is malnourished and being force-fed dog food.  She will give her undying devotion to you for a single bite of chicken, at least until that bite is gone.

Plants are much more discreet.  They definitely have their way of communicating; it is far subtler.  A tree may wish for better soil to grow in but sadly, those wishes frequently fall on disconnected deaf-eared bystanders. That is the inherent problem with wishing. Perhaps you had no idea trees had wishes.  That does not make you necessarily disconnected or deaf-eared, simply unaware.

Wishful thinking aside, I suggest you make educated decisions whenever planting.  You don’t need insider information to know that trees will thrive when planted properly.  We have a 1-2 punch lined up for you.  ALL trees including magnolia, crape myrtle and Japanese maples are 25% off.  In keeping with your tree’s wishes, PSC, Premium Soil Conditioner, is also 25% off.  The time to plant, prepare soil and water is here!  We're CLOSED Thanksgiving; don't forget to bring us your leaves!

David Bates