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Archive date:  November 10, 2016

It’s Over

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It’s over.  After months and months of seemingly endless heated discussion, it has finally passed.  These agonizing past weeks of hotly contested conditions miraculously passed on Tuesday.  The high temperature was only 66 degrees.  That’s right, I’m talking about summer-like weather…it’s over. 

It is indeed refreshing to experience a bit of frost in the morning; we had a heavy one this morning. The official low temperature here at the nursery was 32.2 degrees. In the event you haven’t pulled your summer annuals out yet, it is time to put that procrastination aside.  Whether you’re planting fall color or not, they are significantly easier to deal with before they turn to slime! The forecast for Saturday night looks as though heavy frost will indeed be much more widespread, so there’s no sense in putting off the inevitable…longer still.

It is likely you are going to experience dry soil as you dig out the last vestiges of summer’s remains.  Take a quick look at the soil elsewhere in your yard.  You will likely find more of the same.  That is, unless you have been doing proper watering.  If you have been watering, as I have reminded you weekly for the past several weeks, you may disregard the remainder of this paragraph and skip ahead. If you are not watering, well why not?  Turn on a sprinkler and go do something else for a spell.  Let it run.  Come back in an hour or two and move it elsewhere.  Your plants need a deep watering.  A through soaking on established plants, once every week to 10 days needs to occur until we get some meaningful rainfall; at least ¾ of an inch.

Since you are an attentive waterer, you can plant with confidence.  Obviously new plants need water much more often than established plants; they just don’t need to be watered for as long.

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David Bates