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Archive date:  November 3, 2016


Last Sunday of the fall season; all fall bulbs 25% off…and don’t forget to Leaf Us!

It has finally arrived; so let’s keep things positive. Forget about November. Let’s make it Yesvember.  As a gardener, it is wonderful to have sunlight in the mornings; beginning Sunday, our clocks ‘fall back’ to standard time, thereby providing the opportunity to get an extra hour of sleep (for one night only) and have daylight when you rise.  Yesvember!

On Election Day Tuesday, we will collectively breathe a sigh of relief.  The agony of a seemingly perpetual campaign cycle will come to an end.  That election cycle complete, we will all enjoy our two weeks of rest from that until the next cycle begins.  It might actually be longer than two weeks, but it doesn’t seem so.  Yesvember!

With the week starting out with three consecutive days of record setting/equaling high temperatures, cooling temperatures, more customary to late fall, are arriving.  The week ahead looks wonderful and most comfortable, so long as you remember to water.  I’m not saying we should put away our shorts and sandals, but the flannel apparel needs to be on the ready…change in weather frequently comes quickly with little notice.  Yesvember!

All of the unseasonable warmth has gotten many out of sync.  One of the most frustrating things has been the availability of cool season vegetables.  Now would be a great time for planting, if they were available.  All growers of such plants schedule their crops months in advance.  There is no way for them to anticipate such long extended hot spells.  November.

As we wind down our peak fall schedule, there are a few things you should be mindful of.  First of all, all fall bulbs are now 25% off!  Secondly, we still have an excellent selection of everything for fall planting.  That includes pansies, violas, trees and shrubs.  It is still a great time to plant, so long as you continue to water. We are still gratefully accepting leaves either in bulk or in paper bags.  This Sunday is our last for fall 2016. Yesvember!

David Bates