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Archive date:  October 20, 2016

Leaf Us

Now accepting leaves for our composting efforts!

Composting is an activity everyone participates in: some actively, others quite passively.  I prefer the active approach.  By utilizing what Mother Nature gives us, we not only keep unnecessary materials out of landfills, it is repurposed for extremely beneficial gardening uses.  Yard waste is a poor term; often used to describe things such as grass clippings, tree limbs and leaves.  Just because something has no immediate use/benefit does not mean that it is waste.

This time of year, many of us receive a foliar bounty, as the summer shade falls to earth. If you’re able and willing to compost, and utilize this gift from above, that is great!  You already know what an incredible source of organic material this is and what an asset that leaf-derived compost is.  Some folks have an overabundance of leaves and the process is simply more than they can deal with.  It does take a bit of work.  Compost piles must be ‘turned’ regularly to insure sufficient air reaches the decomposing organic matter. 

Whether you gather your leaves yourself, or have that service performed by others, the leaves still have to go somewhere…many take them to the dump.  We would like to have them!  We will accept any and all leaf donations!  Simply load them into your truck, into PAPER bags, or let your leaf removal service know…we are accepting leaves throughout the fall season.  We compost the leaves over the ensuing 5-6 months; ‘turning’ the pile we’ve accumulated every week with a large rubber tire loader to insure even decomposition.  Note: We cannot accept leaves in plastic bags; paper bags only!

After we finish the composting, we mechanically screen out undesirable material from the resulting compost and use it in a variety of soil mixes we produce.  The leaf compost is just one of the 100% organic composts we use to make the best soils available.  That is what it takes to get the most out of the best plants.

If you don’t have leaves, come see us, we’ll help you grow some!

David Bates