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Archive date:  October 6, 2016

Getting Older

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At some point in life we all become more cognizant of the effects of aging.  Just after that realization, many people, like me, attempt to retard that inevitable process. I have enjoyed running for many years, up until about 18 months ago; my knees were getting sore.  I finally gave up running for other exercise, but have never found biking or elliptical machines to be as productive or satisfying.

A few weeks back I began to slowly work my way back into running.  I have been running a relatively short 1.3-mile distance, while slowly increasing the frequency.  Feeling quite well this morning, I decided to increase the distance a bit; 2.25 miles seemed easily attainable. I’m making progress! 

I am usually out on the road before daylight.  I know it is dangerous.  I take extreme measures to insure my visibility.  I wear a Sugoi jacket/vest that reflects so much light it appears to run on batteries.  I also wear a flashing LED armband.  I also watch the traffic carefully and cross traffic in marked ‘Cross-Walk’ areas. 

This morning I came to the crosswalk I have crossed many hundreds of times.  Traffic stopped.  I gave my customary wave to the motionless vehicles as I proceeded across the marked crosswalk.  After passing the first vehicle, and approaching the second, the second vehicle suddenly, and unexpectedly, took off.  I tried to stop.  I could not.  Momentum carried me forward and down onto the street, directly into the path of the vehicle. 

My life didn’t flash before my eyes.  It was a feeling of acceptance that ‘this is it”.  The tires of the vehicle stopped directly beside my ribcage.  I got up from under the bumper of the car with bloodied knees and elbows, looked into the car’s tinted windshield, and resumed my run. You may now safely deduce: I am happy to be getting older!

Here’s another cautionary tale: The weather is wonderful, but dry!  Water both new and existing plants…thoroughly. Panolas have been fully re-stocked!


David Bates