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Archive date:  September 22, 2016

Tree Time

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The splendid rain last Saturday, combined with cooler temperatures, makes the official beginning of fall particularly welcome.  I don’t know when I’ve seen folks more ready to dig in the dirt.  How could you not be?  It’s the time when summer annuals begin to fade and the colors that autumn brings arise.  Pansy plants and mums let us all know that real fall color will soon arrive.  The stage is set for spectacular fall color.  The only missing ingredient is a bit of frost on the pumpkin…it will be here before you know it!

Gone are the days where you couldn’t plant trees until a hard freeze occurred.  Yesteryear, only field-grown trees were available, (balled and burlapped). This made for a brief fall season, considering we normally don’t receive our first frost until October 15-20th. 

Nowadays, we sell exclusively container-grown trees.  Since their root system is totally contained, there is no transplant shock. Moist soil conditions make it an excellent time to plant.   By planting now, you will have the opportunity to experience fall color this year on your tree selections.  Additionally, things planted in the fall will be nearly a year ahead of similar items planted in spring. 

Our extensive selection of trees, for any landscape application, has never been better.  Our lot is fully stocked with shade, ornamental and fruiting trees of every description!  We also have a tremendous selection of Japanese maple, magnolia, crape myrtle and much more.  Remember to take pictures with your phone or tablet and bring along to give us better insight into your unique landscape situation.

The rain is great, but it may be you need a bit of soil to work with, preferably dry soil.  Whenever that is the case, we’ve got you covered…we keep the soil inside; dry when you need it.  Whether you need a scoop or a truck full, we have dry topsoil at the ready. Remember: Dirt weighs a lot more than mulch.  Make sure your truck or trailer is up to the task.

We’re here to help!

David Bates