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Archive date:  September 15, 2016

Last Gasps of Summer

Ginormous selection of Japanese maples, camellias, edible landscape plants and much more!

Summer is not giving up without a fight.  As we make our way into the last week of summer, that is apparent. As surely as we make our way around the sun, our earth’s axis tilted at a 23-degree angle, the seasons ebb and flow.  The master clockwork of our tiny part of the universe runs, seemingly without change or deviation.  Summer will not win.  The seasonal changes that lie just ahead are certain, not to mention glorious.  Heat and humidity, a way of life in the summertime south, must relent: Autumn is on the way!

The most telling signs occur from early evening until mid-morning.  Evening dinner on the patio, or morning coffee on the deck, are both equally magnificent.  It is the time to savor.  We owe it to ourselves to soak it all in.  This is where procrastination exacts the highest cost.  There can be no reason of validity to put off any outdoor activity.  The season of sublime is upon us.

Obviously, gardening is an outdoor activity.  With time being what it is…unrelenting, you should give strong consideration to getting underway those landscape projects you have been putting off until fall season.  There is no time like the present.  Often times, there can be so much to do that it becomes overwhelming.  Paralysis of analysis sets in, and consequently, things don’t get done.  I am speaking from experience.  Make lists of what needs to be done and break the tasks down into ‘bite-size’ pieces.  Even small amounts of progress are still progress.  Too often I get stuck when I fail to take such an approach.

When ready you are, to engage your well laid-out plan, we have everything in store to meet your needs. The trucks continue to roll.  We have a complete selection of seasonal color to make your autumn transition seamless. Our selection of hardy camellias and Japanese maples are particularly outstanding. Grow your own Goji berries, hops, raspberries and much more.  We’re here to help!

David Bates