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Archive date:  August 18, 2016

The Next Phase

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Phase 1 is now complete.  What is phase 1, you ask?  What I am referring to is our month-long process of cleaning, re-sealing, and re-striping our sales lot.  Phase 1 was comprised of the southernmost half of our sales lot, the flattop greenhouse, the garden center greenhouse, and the checkout area.  The good news for you is that you are now completely removed from the mud…well, almost completely!

Due to the fact that this process has required us to re-locate everything on our lot, many plants from the ‘shade’ area have been moved to the shade structures behind the tree lot.  It is pretty clean, but not totally devoid of moss and grime that grows and accumulates.  Other than that, we have moved the perennials temporarily as well. 

The sun loving perennials are now in Section A-7 and in the adjacent area just across the gravel road.  The shade perennials are temporarily located inside the garden center greenhouse structure. One very important note: The chrome cooler where the free iced bottled water is kept, is on the outside back corner of the building, on the north end of the fan wall (where all the shopping carts are located).

You will not have to guess as to the location of where work is ongoing.  It is clearly marked with ‘Caution’ tape and ‘Wet Floor’ cones.  Since there are no plants in those areas currently, for your safety, we ask you avoid going under the tape, and into the areas where we are working.

We also ask for your vote.  It’s that time of year again!  Voting has begun for ‘Best of Nashville 2016’, in The Nashville Scene. You have graciously voted us ‘best of’ 12 times!  We would like to make it a baker’s dozen.  With your help we can.  Simply click on the above link and follow the directions.  You must vote for 20 different merchant/services categories to qualify your vote!

We are extending last week’s sale; come in while the weather is wonderful!

David Bates