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Archive date:  August 4, 2016

Caution, Cuidado, and Watch Your Step

Strange but true: All annuals, flowering tropicals FREE for BatesRewards members!

It is a strange combination indeed.  We want you to come see us, but be advised, we are in the process of major summer projects, and pretty much everything is in disarray. Please excuse our mess!  We are currently patching holes and re-sealing all of our paved surfaces.  We are not doing all of them at once however.  This morning, we completed the work in the garden center and checkout areas.  We hope that will cure sufficiently by tomorrow. That will enable us to place plant benches, checkout counters and various other items back in their respective locations.

If you decide to venture out, you will notice the entire south end (nearest gravel parking lot) of the sales area is empty.  We have been doing intensive cleaning in preparation of the coating that will follow.  Once the blacktop has been re-coated, we will re-stripe that entire area and then move the plants from the north side of the lot to the south side.  We will then repeat the process on the north side of the sales lot and front (nearest street) paved parking area.

We will also be setting up this year’s living pink ribbon at Hermitage Golf Course for The Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition.  I will have more details next week.

Since you will have to suffer the indignity of things in disarray, if you visit, it only seems right to make it worth your while.  We are clearing out the flattop greenhouse (near the perennial area) to complete our floor re-surfacing project.  We want you to have the opportunity to add a few things to your garden, or perhaps a friend’s garden, for FREE.  That’s right, ALL annuals, ALL Flowering Tropicals located in the flattop greenhouse are FREE!  First come, first served.  We will not ‘hold’ them for you.  Come prepared to haul away; to take them with you as you leave, like right then…ok?  Also, Tree roses are still 75% off; ALL bagged EarthMix® products are 50% off.

David Bates