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Archive date:  July 28, 2016

The Girl Next Door

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Growing up, every little boy should have a big sister.  My big sister just happened to live next door.  Vicki Vaughn was everything a big sister possibly could be.  I never remember meeting her; I was two years old when we moved in to our new house in 1958.  She was always there. Vicki was there to teach my brothers and me how to play.  She was there to cultivate our imaginations as we played ‘space ship’ around the masonry barbecue pit her father built.

Vicki delighted in reading us “Bell Witch” stories. The readings usually began in the summer twilight and ended as darkness fell.  Being kids, our house less than 100 feet away, seemed scarily distant as we would frightfully run home afterwards. She was there for laughter, much laughter. She had the sunniest disposition I have ever known.  Vicki was a rare combination of adorable cuteness and genuine, kind, fun-loving spirit. 

Vicki married Steve Roach 46 years ago, two peas in a pod.  They were high school sweethearts. Their life together gave them sons and grandsons with much happiness and great memories.  Sadly, Alzheimer’s interrupted her memories over the last few years.  As we gathered together today to bid farewell, I was struck with the priceless value our memories hold.  As we shared stories with each other, about how we remembered her and the wonderful spirit she exuded, the depth of the collective loss became more real.  The only thing we really have in life are our memories; everything else is just stuff.  I am grateful today for the fond memories I have of Vicki Roach, and even more appreciative, that she was the girl next door.

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David Bates