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Archive date:  July 21, 2016

We Clean, You Save!

50% off expanded; All roses, bagged EarthMix® Premium Topsoil Blend, PSC and more!

We are cleaning up.  We are also doing vital maintenance.  Just saying the words ‘cleaning’ and ‘maintenance’ can give you a warm and fuzzy feeling.  That is because it is warm outside and if you over do, you’ll get a fuzzy feeling between your ears.  Any project you may be taking on this time of year requires a bit of determination as well as moderation.  It also requires advance planning.  We are cleaning and re-surfacing our sales lot, your outdoor activities may be different.  The approach of all should be the same: stay hydrated, wear protective clothing and/or sunscreen, and take frequent breaks.  For some, it may simply be too hot to be outside. For those of us whose jobs are outside, pacing is imperative…and drinking lots of water.

Since cleaning our sales lot requires us to temporarily relocate many plants, it seems best if we reduce our inventory in some items to make that effort a bit easier.  We have a large selection of roses.  We have tree roses, shrub roses, hybrid tea roses; we might even have a few climbing roses.  So that we may avoid moving so many from place to place on our lot, it seems better to move them from place to place…from our lot to your lot.  BatesRewards members now have the opportunity to save big on roses as well as extending our sale from last week.  All roses, all annuals, and all flowering tropicals are 50% off through Thursday July 28, 2016! 

We have also added an extra measure; bagged EarthMix® Premium Topsoil Blend, Premium Soil Conditioner (PSC) and Pine Fines/Soil Conditioner are 50% off as well! Not only will you save big on summer color, you also have a great opportunity to stock up on essential soil amendments.  Assure yourself of getting great results, even in summer, when you prepare your soil properly and of course, water.

Speaking of water, don’t forget we have iced bottled water for you, free while you shop!

David Bates