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Archive date:  July 7, 2016

Well It’s Not Dry

A fourth off for the fourth sale extended!

You could say it’s damp.  You could say these are the ‘Dog-paddle’ days of summer, though I’m not convinced that particular stroke would do you much good in the torrents around town.  We are not short on rainfall, more in the forecast.  For the many things you would normally be watering diligently, you get a break.  That would appear to be the case, since our forecast projects a significant chance of afternoon thunderstorms every day for the next week.  That does not mean all-day, every-day. 

Weather extremes do provide opportunities.  In the case of too much water, it is an excellent time to assess where poor drainage or ‘ponding’ areas may exist in your yard.  You should be equipped with some irrigation-type flags to provide reference marks once the water has subsided.  In ponding situations, mark the perimeter of areas where the water stands with no apparent means of escaping. This gives a very accurate marking and clearly shows where soil may need to be added to displace the water without excessively mounding dirt.

By the same means, where drainage is slow or insufficient, flagging areas, not apparent in dry conditions, will give you the proper indication as to where soil may need to be removed, thereby allowing for proper flow and drainage.  By taking careful note of how water moves around you home, or fails to do so, you will be able to satisfactorily rectify wet weather problem areas…once things have dried out a bit.

The monsoon rains have been great for ground moisture, but it may have not been particularly timely with planting opportunities. With that in mind, we are extending our Fourth off for the Fourth Sale, for another week. Everything we have in stock will be 25% off through next Thursday. That does exclude special orders, gift cards, and deliveries. So come on out, even with all the water from above, we still have plenty of free iced bottled water for you to keep cool and hydrated while you shop and save!

David Bates