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Archive date:  June 9, 2016

Eighteen is a Good Number

The Grand Finale of The At Home Show airs this Saturday!

Peyton Manning was right, “ Eighteen is a good number”.   Like Peyton, we have stayed at it…for 18 years, and now it is time to go.  It is hard to believe that a couple of ‘guys off the street’ could have had such a run. It has most surely been a blast!  In no way is this a time of melancholy or remorse, quite the contrary.   A little more than 21 years ago I had never heard of, or met, Josh Cary.  Fate put us together.  Actually, it was not fate; but rather, Norman Daniels.

Jerry Norman “Daniels” (Daniels was his radio name, back in the day, since Jerry was a ‘bad’ name to have for an on-air talent… so he was advised); rather than being called Jerry Norman, he was known as Norman Daniels. He had a Saturday morning program called, “Weekend Lifestyles”.  Josh and I had essentially identical experiences becoming a part of that program. 

The original ‘experts’ on the show took a week off for whatever reason. First it was the landscape expert, then a month later, the building expert.  As advertisers on the station, we each were asked if we could fill in for oneweek.  After our first appearance, we both were asked if we could do one more the next week; after that we were permanent replacements.  The show lasted for 18 months, and was then cancelled.  We thought our radio career was finished.  After that, another 18 months passed, and we were approached by Chris Kulick, from the radio station, and asked if we (Josh and I) were interested in doing our own show. The rest, as is said, …history.

Now, after 18 years, 5 months and 1 week, our job is done.  We never, ever, did any show prepthat might be obvious.  I got one very special gift; a true friend, that is Josh Cary. Thank you for always being there!

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David Bates