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Archive date:  June 2, 2016

June Swoon

The At Home Show finale airs June 11

It makes me light-headed to think about it.  It is not the prospect of the final show of “The At Home Show with Josh Cary & David Bates” airing, rather that we ever had a show at all.  Since February 2, 1998, Josh and I have been doing this two-hour radio program every Saturday morning from 7-9a on 99.7 WTN-FM.  When I say every Saturday I mean EVERYSaturday.  In fact, for the first 10 years, neither of us missed a single episode, with the exception of being pre-empted the weekend following 9/11/2001. 

During the 958 episodes that will have aired by June 11, Josh and I estimate we have done at least 900 of those together.  We each plan our schedules around doing the show. For many years, one or the other of us would leave for vacation immediately after the show, often to the chagrin of our spouses.  Of all the people to thank, there have been no more supportive or understanding individuals than Diana Cary & Renée Bates.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!  They have each forfeited anything that even closely resembles normalcy on Friday nights for nearly two decades.  Josh and I both hit the jackpot, as we each have celebrated 30 years of marriage to these wonderful women!

If you have listened at any time over these years, Josh and I thank you.  It might be that you came to be a BatesRewards member through hearing our program.  Be that the case or not, we wish to extend a special ‘Thank You” and offer 20% off any single item.  That’s right, through June 9, 2016; you can choose any item from our extensive selection for 20% off! This offer excludes gift cards, deliveries or special orders, but everything else is included!  One more thing; we have stocked up on FREE iced bottled water for you to enjoy while you shop! The cooler is located in the annual/perennial area; grab a bottle and beat the heat.

The next-to-last episode airs Saturday; join us!

David Bates