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Archive date:  May 12, 2016

An Annual Occurrence

Those Pansies must go…

There are two extremely difficult days in gardening.  One day is when you remove summer annuals to plant cool season annuals.  The other is the day you remove cool season annuals to plant summer annuals.  It is now time for the latter; the former will come later. By executing the latter later, rather than now, you decrease your chances of the former becoming an issue, since delaying the latter will statistically decrease the productivity of this year’s summer annuals, therefore negating the possibility of the former being an issue of future consternation…probably.

In the unlikely event you are totally confused by the prior paragraph, allow me to clarify.  If you fail to remove your pansies, violas and panolas now, you are compromising the future of your summer annuals.  I know your pansies are beautiful.  I know you want to get just a bit more enjoyment out of them.  I understand.  Doing so however, deprives your warm season annual plantings the needed opportunity to get their root systems established, before the intense heat of summer arrives.  The failure to heed this reminder will certainly make maintenance more difficult, not to mention the fact that waiting also means fewer planting choices.  As the season progresses, the numbers of varieties and colors becomes reduced.  If you have your heart set on very specific things, we currently have a great selection, but you should act…now! (By the way, if you wish to ‘save’ your pansies in pots for a while, we have plenty of FREE used nursery containers…simply ask us!)

Fortunately, the storms of today and earlier this week, are giving away to a wonderful weekend! Abundant sunshine in conjunction with MUCH cooler temperatures (highs only in the upper 60’s!), make for perfect gardening conditions.  There are no excuses.  We are ready and want to help you take full advantage of this great planting time.  Remember, always take pictures with you phone, tablet or camera and bring those along; it greatly helps us visualize your gardening area.  Get the right plants, in the right place!

David Bates