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Archive date:  April 28, 2016

Goodbye April, Hello May

Don’t let a wet weekend dampen your spirits!

The highly publicized “April Showers” have been largely just that this year: Showers.  It would appear that we will end this month, and begin the next, with rainfall.  I would be lying if I said I wanted it over the weekend.  However, with the April rainfall deficit at over 2.5 inches, we will gratefully accept it. With many warm months in our immediate future, we all know we need rain, and we’ll take it whenever it is available.

As per usual, the time warp that is life has slipped another month past, all too quickly.  It is not unusual that many novice gardeners begin to get antsy.  What we find interesting is that thoseconcerned individuals are often split.  About half are concerned that it is too early to plant, while the other half is sure it’s too late.  Experience shows that neither is true.  We are in the sweet spot of the prime-planting season.  Rainfall only makes it better in the long run, even if the weather delays your weekend plans.  The weather next week looks to be spectacular; this weekend might be your best opportunity to gather together everything for the planting of your gardens!  We are loaded with prime inventory, and the rainfall will likely keep less informed individuals on the sidelines.

At the risk of sounding as though I’m up selling, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of soil preparation.  I do speak of it regularly.  If you are gardening under budgetary constraints, it is better to choose fewer plants, leaving financial resources available to get the soil right.  Soil preparation can only be done before planting. It is 'false economy' to skip or scrimp on this vital step.  By using products with beneficial fungi and microbes to enhance the growth of your plants, you insure that what you plant is naturally protected.   Plants growing at their healthiest fare far better against whatever might otherwise affect them.  By using EarthMix® Garden Products, you are giving your plants their best chance of success.

David Bates