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Archive date:  April 21, 2016

Another Day on Earth

We have everything to make your earth most productive!

For the last forty-something years, America has been celebrating Earth Day. Being the trendsetters that we are, the entire world now recognizes the event.  It is not as though earth days just started happening.  It has only been for the last couple of hundred years that we have begun to really press the issue, from the Earth’s prospective.  For the 4.5 billion years prior to the industrial age, there was no significant impact on the environment… unless you count volcanoes. I guess you have to count them.  I believe the Icelanders and the Europeans would say they are significant. Probably the Filipinos, Hawaiians, and Pacific north westerners would also concur. We can’t control those things, but we can try to at least tread a little lighter; we all try to do what we can to preserve this really cool place we live: EARTH. 

As avid gardeners, we all try to get the most out of our plants.  I was raised in a time where commercial chemical fertilizers were the accepted norm.  I have really seen the light on this issue.  Even though chemical fertilizers give a quick punch that is readily available to the plant, too often much of the nutrition gets away…way down stream.  That is what makes organics a really great choice.  Espoma Organic fertilizers and amendments are nature’s best nutritional source for everything you grow!

When you use organic fertilizer you obviously want the best soil.  That is why we developed EarthMix®.  Our EarthMix® Premium Topsoil Blend has been specifically formulated with every measure possible to provide a live, productive soil.  We use no chemical additives, only the best stuff that Mother Nature provides.  Once you use EarthMix®, your plants will show you the difference, and as we like to say “Success Begins at the Ground Level”.

We have stocked the greenhouse to the gills again with another full truckload of annuals and veggies and color galore. We have the staff that is ready, willing and able to answer your gardening questions.  

David Bates