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Archive date:  April 7, 2016

The Last Round

Making preparations for yet another cold snap…

For what has become an all-too-familiar weekend occurrence, get ready for a possibly frosty weekend.  We could collectively whine. I, for one, would gladly help organize a large-scale whining event, if it would do any good.  If anyone can show me where whining en masse has produced a significant change in the weather outcome, I would appreciate hearing about it.  If there is so much as a single documented event where widespread, persistent, audible sniveling has created even the slightest meteorological deflection; I would appreciate gaining that knowledge. Be there any chance, in some alternate reality, that the mere murmuring whimper of a hoard of bellyaching sobs, occasionally affect a mild influence with respect to outdoor climatic conditions; that knowledge, would surely impart some small comfort to me.

Well, maybe.

In all likelihood, we will do what we have always done. Cover, move in, and irrigate. These are the only actions that seem to have any real benefit in protecting tender vegetation.  If you have these concerns around your garden, you may need to take some action as well.  Tender things that you have already put in the ground may need to be covered.  If they are very tender, you might invert a small container over the plants, and then cover the containers with a sheet.  Otherwise, simply a sheet is sufficient.  This process is made much more difficult when the wind is blowing.  That is not an uncommon event as cold weather approaches.  If you have planted three flowering shrubs, they may be so large as to require separate coverings.  Use extreme caution: Bad things can happen anytime three sheets in the wind are/is involved.

Hopefully, this is ‘The Last Round’ of cold weather.  We have stocked as though it is.  Our inventory availability is high, even if the temperatures are not.  We invite you to come on out and peruse; our greenhouses are loaded wall-to-wall!  Worse case scenario: you might have to put your selections in the garage for a night or two. 

Come on out,

David Bates