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Archive date:  March 17, 2016

Taking a Dip

Be mindful of the forecast; now OPEN Sundays Noon-4pm

It is hard to say enough about how wonderful the weather has been for the past couple of weeks.  We set an all-time record high for any winter day on Tuesday by reaching 87 degrees.  While it felt great; there may be a price to pay…if you have gotten ahead of the weather curve.

Even though it has at times felt like May, the calendar still says March, more precisely mid-March.  We are still a month away from our average last frost date.  If you have jumped the gun and planted annuals or other plants with tender new growth, you may need to make preparations for a few cooler nights. 

If you’re in the city, the chances of ‘killing frost/freeze’ are minimal; however, if you live in a more rural setting you may well see freezing temperatures Sunday night/Monday Morning.  Bates Nursery is most definitely in a rural setting, and we are also in a low creek bottom.  It is not unusual for our temperatures to go seven degrees below what it ‘officially’ is in town.  At 37.6 degrees and no wind this morning, we had a light frost.  An overnight low temperature nearer the city was 48.4: a nearly nine-degree difference! If you come out this weekend, you will likely see the evidence of precautions we are taking.

The point is: know your microclimate and have an understanding of where you may be at increased risk.  Finding that information is easy at www.wunderground.com.  You can search with your zip code, or simply look at the ‘WunderMap” (must have weather stations tab checked) for the station nearest you.  You can also check out the Bates Nursery Weather Station by clicking here!

Despite the ‘Dip’ we are all taking this weekend, it is still a great time for landscape plantings. There is no worry about trees and most shrubs.  It is never a bad time to plan.  Bring pictures.  Use your cell phone.  Use your tablet. Rough dimensions are very helpful, along with direction house faces!


David Bates