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Archive date:  March 3, 2016

The March Is On

Now open Saturdays; cool season veggies, flowers here now!

Ladies and Gentlemen fasten your seatbelts and prepare for the journey through Spring 2016.  It’s not simply March.  It is The March.  As surely as ‘the march’ through spring has begun, so begins the most wonderful and turbulent time of year.  We all love the new growth and flowers that come.  What we also get is weather.  Regardless of how much we wish for it to be smooth and benign, it will be whatever it is.  We are all outdoors; we need to remain weather-aware.

High winds are not uncommon.  One activity worth being mindful of is the state of your trees, particularly those providing shade.  It’s not that ornamental trees aren’t important; they’re normally less of a personal and property threat.  As the leaves emerge, it will become abundantly apparent where dead wood exists.  That is threat number one.  Leaving dead wood high above is a ticking time bomb.  It is not a matter of if it will fall, simply when.  All prudent gardeners, and some homeowners, are aware of the future problem.  I am not suggesting you get the ladder and chainsaw, quite the contrary.  Call a professional.  Your life and health is worth it.

Fortunately, the current weather looks promising.  The weather for Saturday is forecast to be sunny and 63 degrees!  We’ll take it.  The excitement is real, here at the nursery, as we have been busily preparing for your arrival.  Already many truckloads of plants have arrived. They are ready and waiting for you!  Our staff of horticultural professionals are rested, and ready to investigate your unique landscape situation with you.  All you need to do is bring a few pictures along on your smartphone or tablet and have some general information about your area in question, such as direction it faces, sun or shade, approximate distances and general soil condition.

We have been preparing all winter.  We are fully stocked on ALL EarthMix® Garden Products; success in gardening begins at the ground level.

We look forward to seeing you!

David Bates