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Archive date:  January 29, 2016

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We’re looking for testimonials; Follow EarthMix® on Facebook, and Twitter!

There has been no shortage of verbiage on my part about EarthMix® over the past couple of weeks.  That’s about enough out of me on that.  Now it’s your turn.  There is a high probability you have used one or more EarthMix® Garden Products.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve used Premium Topsoil Blend, Premium Soil Conditioner (PSC), Potting Soil, Mushroom Compost, Earthworm Castings, Pine Fines, or any other product. We have an opportunity for you to share your experience… you will have a chance to WIN 10 bags…FREE!

That’s right, all you need to do is follow EarthMix® Garden Products on Facebook or Twitter, post a short testimonial of how EarthMix® has helped you in your gardening efforts, and you are entered to win.  Ten creative participants will EACH receive 10 bags of Premium Topsoil Blend on Facebook and ten people on Twitter, so it is actually 20 winners!

We urge you to be clever, creative and honest!  By posting on both Facebook and Twitter your odds of winning actually increase, possibly even double.  If you are neither on Facebook or Twitter and you would like to participate, we will also award 2 winners from email responders. Beware; there is a 20-word maximum.  I have no idea what that does to your odds of winning.  Simply reply to this email with your ‘thoughts’. 

From the winning posts, tweets and emails, we will post to the ‘What gardeners say about EarthMix®’ page on the website www.earthmix.net.  We want to make sure everyone knows how you feel about EarthMix® products.  Only your first name, last initial and city will be displayed, or simply your Twitter handle.

January is all but gone.  There is only one thing standing between spring and us; it’s the thing we refer to as: February.  Will the weather it brings make us happy, or will it simply leave us longing for sunshine?  Probably both. Stay tuned for helpful tidbits to be mindful of as spring approaches. It’ll be here before you know it.

David Bates