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Archive date:  January 21, 2016

100 Percent Organic

What is the EarthMix® difference?

EarthMix® was conceived as a result of the proliferation of low quality, poorly performing ‘growing’ mediums.  Many products labeled ‘Topsoil’ actually contain no topsoil at all and will barely grow weeds. This is due to the fact that many such products simply contain the cheapest materials available: somewhat composted, recycled wood products and sand.  Those ingredients are used because there is simply nothing cheaper. Their only concern is cost, not how the plants perform.

EarthMix® has taken the exact opposite approach. Over the past 20 years, every effort has been made to develop and produce the finest growing medium available anywhere.  That has taken considerable investigation and experimentation.  We use only the best products.  Composted pine fines, screened topsoil, mushroom compost, earthworm castings and leaf compost.  No filler material is ever used.  The result is a product acclaimed by local horticultural professionals and master gardeners alike.

As I mentioned last week, you will see a few changes in EarthMix® products this spring.  Most noticeably, you will see packaging differences.  Over the years, while developing and improving the content of the mixes we offer, we have endured a rather arcane approach.  For years, we have relied on ‘Skateboard Technology”, ‘on-demand’ printing of the labels, and the ‘peel-and-sticking’ of those labels onto clear plastic bags.  Afterwards, we filled each bag by hand in to a volumetric measuring device…a specific length piece of large PVC pipe. The empty bag was then pulled over and filled. The pipe is then removed. ‘Skateboard Technology’ consisted of a filled bag being placed onto a skateboard, and then rolled under a slow, wall-mounted heat sealer.

We believe you will notice considerably more consistent blending and particulate size in addition to a new bag. We have invested in equipment to greatly improve the bagging process. These evolutionary changes achieve the desired result: Every bag of EarthMix® products you purchase will be the best! Whether you use, Premium Topsoil Blend, Premium Soil Conditioner, Potting Soil, or any other EarthMix® product, you will find, “Success begins at the ground level”.

David Bates