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Archive date:  January 8, 2016

Reasonable Resolutions for Gardeners

There is no joy that equates being outdoors with nature.  That is why gardeners are so passionate about their gardens.  Making the best use of your time outdoors is a part of that joy.

I have no prophetic insight as to what lies ahead for us all.  I do feel strongly that life will present for each of us both joy and pain.  At least in my human experience, each of these emotional extremes are necessary to understand and appreciate the other.  I’m not a huge fan of pain, but I do know it sure feels good when it quits hurting.

It’s the time of year when we all begin to ponder what we should’ve done and should do.  After perhaps too much holiday cheer, a return to reality is inevitable; it should not be dreaded. Here are a few resolutions (or tips, if you prefer) for your 2016 gardening enjoyment.  Use the ones you like, disregard the rest…

Start composting (it’s easy and there is no excuse not to)

Stop referring to your garden hose as a hose pipe (which is it? A hose or a pipe?)

Read the label on all products you use (they hide important information there)

Increase use of organic soils and gardening techniques

Mulch around trees, (keeps the mower away from bark) but don’t pile it around trunk.

Have your soil tested (particularly if you are having problems in the garden)

Use a drip-type soaker hose around plants; doesn’t spray and promote leaf

diseases, and also puts water directly onto the soil…where it is needed.

Plant some berry-producing plants (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, honeyberries are easy to grow and delicious)

Put a bench or create a “sitting area” near your garden…it shouldn’t be all work

Eat snacks/meals outdoors more often (see above for directions)

Teach your children/grandchildren about gardening (avoid calling it “yard work”)

Spray with dormant oil (but as the name implies, needs to be done while plants are dormant)

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Happy New Year from your friends at Bates Nursery!

David Bates