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Archive date:  December 18, 2015

One Week ‘til Christmas

40% off all plants; everything that grows* and all bagged EarthMix® products!

We are all coming down to the wire. Despite the difficulty and consternation associated with it, we must come to grips with it: Seven shopping days until Christmas. It is not my intention to wrestle any of the wonder, fun, and merriment from this holiday time…quite the contrary. It has all simply happened so fast. I am fully cognizant of the fact that I seem to struggle with this every year (or is it twice a year?). I know, I know, Christmas comes but once a year. I have a nagging question in my head whenever I am putting up our tree, "Didn't I just take this down?"

I may not ever get a satisfactory answer to that question, but I do know this is true: Christmas is one week away. That can only mean one thing: New Year's is two weeks away. At this rate, spring will be here before you know it. Judging by the weather, that may be truer than ever this year. Given that we are under the influence of a strong El Niño effect this year, our winter temperatures are likely to be considerably milder than we have experienced the past two winters. Forecast temperatures for the weekend after Christmas are currently projected to be near 70°.

That being the case, it is indeed fortuitous timing for you as a BatesRewards member. As we prepare to be closed during the holidays, (closed noon Christmas eve until 8 AM Monday, January 4, 2016) it is an excellent time to get out and dig the dirt! It is even a better time to save! We are extending, through the close of business at noon on Christmas Eve, our end-of-the-year, 40% off all plants, everything that grows*, all bagged EarthMix® products sale. The only excluded*plants are Japanese maples. We suggest taking pictures with your smart phone/tablet; bring those along. Come on out, select your plants, take them home, and plant them after Christmas… if you like!

One week to go!

David Bates